On Aug 16, 2020, we held the first ever Unnamed Music Festival!  SEVEN AMAZING LIVE BANDS rocked the stage at Carolyn’s Music Grove, the festival grounds in Tipton County about 20 minutes away from Memphis.  It was a truly magical experience!  Friends were made – a great time was had by all… and with your donations, we fed 400 families the week following the festival.  Our inbox was immediately flooded with compliments and pleas for us to continue doing more Unnamed Music Festivals in the future.  2020 has been a difficult year for musicians and music lovers – and this festival was exactly what everyone needed.

We can state for certain:  The Unnamed Music Festival will return.  We will continue this event into the future.  Keep checking back for official information when we are able to release more details.  The event was too successful not to repeat!

What is the Unnamed Music Festival and why is it unnamed?  Those questions sort of have the same answer.  Char and Louis Magnifico (of Vintage) wanted to create a music festival that looked and felt like the original music fests you’ve heard about or are maybe lucky enough to remember from the 1960s and 1970s.   Think Woodstock on a miniature level.  The Unnamed Music Festival is a grassroots, homemade, independent music fest… a true music fest for musicians and music lovers.  No extravagance to take away from why people are there:  The Music.  We also wanted to create a festival that could generate funds to help local charities and those truly in need.  Peace.  Love.  Good Vibes.  Music.  That’s the heart and soul of the festival.  Why Unnamed?  Because it isn’t about the name… it’s all about the music.

The first festival occurred in 2020, during the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic, national riots, a heated and divisive election season, etc.  But for one magical day, there was none of that.  No war, no division, no rioting, no coronavirus.  Everyone who attended agreed: there was just peace, love, and music.  It was as if we were cut off from the problems of the world for one special day.  Everyone who was a part of the festival – the musicians and the attendees – all felt it.

The festival grounds is located at 1635 Beaver Creek Drive in Mason, Tennessee (Tipton County – only about 20 minutes from Cordova).   This is the home of Carolyn’s Music Grove.  Carolyn Carrol  dreamed of having a true music festival on her property.  She passed away in 2019 but we made her dream come true in 2020.  She will always be remembered as a champion of her community and a true supporter of live music.  Through the festival, we will keep her memory alive.

The festival has music, food trucks, beer trailers, arts and craft vendors, games, and more.  This is the Facebook Event Page for the first festival – check it out and see what we mean by a true grassroots music festival: https://www.facebook.com/events/2667435323533842/

Carolyn Carroll of Carolyn’s Music Grove

Carolyn Carroll had a vision to bring together her community through the shared love of music, which brings out the best in people. She and her husband, Daniel Carroll, supported local musicians by operating a restaurant and live music venue in Covington, TN. Her dream was to host a music festival on their property in Mason, TN. Carolyn passed away from cancer in 2019 before such an event occurred. This benefit festival is the fulfillment of Carolyn’s vision. It is our hope that this festival brings the people of West Tennessee together through our shared love of music and with the goal of serving the needs of our community.

Louis and Char Magnifico

Louis and Char Magnifico are the founding members of Vintage, a Memphis based rock band performing throughout the region since 2008. They have a passion for bringing local area musicians together and using our shared love of music to bring about positive changes in people and in community. Vintage is recognized as one of Memphis’ premier rock bands on the local music scene today.

Unnamed Music Festival

Concert Lineup


2:00-2:45 – Hippie Lettuce 
3:00-3:45 – Crossroads 
4:00-4:45 – Mojo Medicine Machine 
5:00-5:45 – Slamhound
6:00-6:45 – Under the Radar featuring Zeke Yarbro  
7:00-8:15 – Vintage w/ guests Mandi Thomas (from The Voice) and Zeke Yarbro (from Under the Radar)
8:30-10:00 – The Fast Mothers
10:00-10:30 – Closing, Prize Giveaways, and Game Awards

Sound, Backline, and Engineering provided by David Griffin Audio.